A Marketing Analysts contribute to:
• Defining, implementing and supporting the aftermarket commercial strategy and marketing roadmap for Safran Aerosytems BUs, noticeably Aerosafety Systems (Oxygen Systems, Evacuation Systems) and Fuid & Hydaulics systems (Elastomer, Fuel, Hydraulics systems)
• Acting as an Aftermarket Product Line owner on Business/Sales topics within the organization and be identified as such
As a Marketing Analyst, you will be in charge of:
Product Management
– Define the strategic orientations, short term and long term, to meet and exceed BUs aftermarket sales growth objectives. Present strategic orientations to SAS ExCom and BUs C-levels and obtain their approval.
– Define & achieve the aftermarket sales objectives by using necessary means (Price policy, route to market, customer targeting, new services, …)
– Forecast the aftersales for all BUs sites and all market segments (Budget, MTP and updates). Coordinate with SAS ExCom, regional managers and BUs C-level to ensure alignment in visions
– Prepare and lead the governance meetings with the BUs related to Business (Strategic Committee, Point of Sales etc.)
– Ensure a strong relationship with BUs’ teams and alignment of objectives between Safran Aerosystems BUs’ and Safran Aerosystems Services
Marketing & Business Development
– Monitor the market (market share, market price, offered services, PMA competition, DER development, used parts availability, …) and insure SAS keeps up with customer expectations in terms of services.
– Define commercial policies, especially when a new part or new service is launched. Define and implement a communication plan, both internally (training of the Sales Managers) and externally (Marketing materials, Social Network)
– Create business plan templates to be used by the Sales Managers. Train the sales managers for use of the business plan templates
– Support Sales teams on a day-to-day basis by uploading the CRM with business intel, business opportunities, marketing materials and by attending customers’ meetings when necessary (airlines, MRO, distributors…)
– Lead the development of new aftermarket products and/or offer, build the related business case (ROI study) and marketing plan and implement it together with Sales teams
– Manage & lead the development of Safran Aerosystems Partnerships on the aftermarket (MRO and parts distribution).