Regarding Aircraft Recovery Process:

Analyse aircraft Maintenance records during Pre-recovery and Recovery phases.

Produce bridging from MS company to MPD Airbus in accordance with contractual return conditions.

Support Records team for commitment letter writing during Recovery process.

Initialise or update AMASIS.

Work Order Technical Definition:

Analyze contractual delivery conditions and Maintenance open items from the Recovery and define list of works to be done for Work package issuance.

Ensure Work package AMASIS initialization, printout and formatting.

Ensure the follow-up and the actualization of the Work package during the Working Party.

Support TPS team for MPD tasks queries.

Working Party Analysis:

Reception from Records team all the necessary documents (Tally sheet sign off, release certificates…) in order to perform the Tally Sheet check.

Control the conformity of the work performed by the MRO concerning maintenance tasks sign-off in accordance with the last issue of the Work package.

Update AMASIS.

Aircraft Delivery Process:

Update MPD aircraft status following working party analysis.

Support records team for aircraft records presentation to the customer during acceptance phase.

Masters’ development:

Build and Update AIRBUS and ATR CN / AD master status.

Build and Update AIRBUS and ATR engines CN / AD master status.

Build and Update appliance CN / AD master status.

Build and Update AIRBUS and ATR TCC master status.

Build and Update AIRBUS and ATR MPD master status.

Build and Update AIRBUS and ATR X-reference ALI & CMR to MPD.

Aircraft Operator Technical follow-up:

A/C AMASIS initialisation (CN, Kardex, Section III, Section VI).

TFR & HIL follow up.

CN follow up.

MS & Kardex follow up.

Establish monthly report.

Establish Maintenance work package.

Work package follow up and analysis following working party.

Scheduled maintenance:

Build a scheduled maintenance in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Scheduled Maintenance evolution follow up.


Update aircraft GIS maintenance status.

Support records team for Ferry Flight Permit.

Support records team for Part Robbery Statement.

Documentation filing and updating follow up.