Safran LS landing gear division is looking for a Program Manager. The first mission will be to manage the A380 and A300/A310 Landing Gear Programmes
for Airbus
The Program Manager will be responsible to manage programs within the business reporting to the VP Airbus Programs for Safran Landing Systems
LGI division. The Program Manager will lead the IPT (Integrated Program Team) for programs which is based in Velizy and coordinates the interface
with the customer for all program team topics and is a focal point in the business. The IPT for these programs is based in Velizy with manufacturing
in Molshiem, Bidos, and the global supply chain.
• The Program Manager will have to manage any activity on these programs to ensure satisfaction of the customer and the business, the realization
of the objectives in terms of budget and in order to meet contractual obligations and customer satisfaction.
• The mission of the Program Manager is demanding with important responsibilities, a leader, prioitizing plans and pilot actions with the IPT, ensuring
the actions are correctly driven, to keep the objectives of the program and to quickly resolve the potential problems.
Typical actions for the team led by the program manager are:
Investigate and find appropriate solutions for any in service, airworthiness or customer issues
Ensure appropriate spares supply to maintain the aircraft in service and through overhauls
Find innovative ways with Airbus to keep the older aircraft flying safely and without becoming uneconomic
Build a strong relationship with Airbus to ensure high level of satisfaction
Maximise the financial results for the program to meet the business targets
Communicate with the rest of the business about the programs
Program manager will:
•Manage an effective Integrated Program Team
•Set priorities, and know how to arbitrate them with a good understanding of the business and context agree on the overall priorities with the VP
Airbus programs.
•Anticipate the future of the program and ensure the team has plans to maintain appropriate spares supply, including such challenges as Reach
•Lead the team to find solutions, convince Airbus, make commitments and deliver results according to these commitments
•Process customer requests within the IPT, define business proposals in response to these requests in link with the sales manager in not hesitating
to help in negotiations when necessary.
•Economic track with a concern for improved profitability
•Prepare for and participate in the meetings of the internal program review or external (customer)
•Prepare and participate in monthly rituals (for example, planning of demand, sales forecasts, the)
•KPIs of the program…)
•Manage risk