1. Activities :
* Analyze technical documentation (aircraft, system),
* Study system installation,
* Offer technical solution to answer customer requirement,
* Realize, if needed, 3D Mockup and A/C environment,
* Realize System Installation Drawing,
* Realize Routing Drawing of A/C harness,
* Realize Definition Part Drawing,
* Produce Part List (with necessary parts / component for the modification),
* Manage Definition Folder,
* Archive project technical documentation,
* Support procurement team to find appropriate parts or alternate,
* Write Service Bulletin and Job Cards,
* Ensure technical documentation is provided to Tech Pub team in order for them to produce Manual Supplement (IPCs, AMMs, AWMs…),
* Prepare as necessary and participate to the internal & external meetings ITCM, PDR, CDR,
* Perform aircraft survey,
* Technical support to MRO (on site or remotely) during retrofit.
1. Reporting:

Information Reporting:

* Report activities and deliverable status to the work pack leader and /or team leader,
* Report activities and deliverable status to the Program Manager,
* Report activities and deliverable status to the Head of Department,
* Submit proposals to technical referents.