Most of the interventions to be carried out will answer the following types of needs :
– Embodiment of design modifications and/or specific upgrades as required by the
Customer to reflect the latest design evolutions ;
– Correction of any defect or damage reported by the Customer on the equipment
subsequent to its delivery to the FAL ;
– Any other Customer request requiring intervention of a Service Engineer at FAL.
Accordingly, the main missions you will have under your responsibility are the
following :
– Organise and monitor the logistic aspects on site so as to ensure continued activity at
o Define and monitor the needs for spare parts and consumables
o Organise and monitor the logistic aspects linked to
o Order & receipt of new spare part and associated paperwork
o Reception, analysis and return to OEM of components removed from A/C (« used »)
– Anticipate and identify the needs for resource if any in preparation for major
interventions at FAL if any ;
– Record all traceability information required within SAFRAN LS internal information
system (such as Electronic Folio Manager, Customer Request Management Tool) and in
the Customer information system as required ;
– Ensure regular and complete reporting to SAFRAN LS FAL Team Leader and FAL
Quality about :
o Interventions completed,
o Weak signal reports,
o Customer feedback,
o Difficulties anticipated,
o Planning and resource anticipation.